Task 9: Sanipoo

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Its something we all do, yet we all pretend we don’t.  It’s something no one talks about, yet it is something, no matter our age we all have in common.  When we talk about personal preparedness, we think about food, and water, but we rarely talk about what happens if the toilets don’t flush.  As I speak with folks about preparedness, I often bring up the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand.  I use it as an example of how long some services take to return.  In some areas of the city, it took over 3 years to repair all of the services.  What would you do if you didn’t have flushing toilets for a week… let alone 3 years?


2 Pts –  Create or share what is in your sanitation preparedness kit.

Bonus:  Create a basic picture/video message around having something for sanitation in your emergency kit… include items, how many buckets, etc.

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