Task1: Let’s Get Started – Look For Exit Signs

Hey Everyone, Welcome to 30 Days, 30 Ways 2019! Its Eric from the 30 Days Gang, and I would like to introduce you to Jodi. You will be seeing Jodi a lot over the next 30 Days as she helps bring us our challenges for this year!

Over the years I’ve heard a variety of safety tips — two have become a habit for me. First, when I board an airplane I always count the number of rows between my seat and the closest exit. Second, when I’m in a hotel, I count the number of doorways between my room and the nearest exit stairwell. Why? In an emergency, it may be dark, there may be smoke, there may be a lot of things happening, but having this information will help me to feel and count my way to safety.

If you need to evacuate a building quickly, knowing where the emergency exits are in advance can be lifesaving. Kids have fire drills in school to learn how to stop what they are doing and quickly, calmly, and immediately leave the building. The need for that knowledge doesn’t stop once we become adults.

DAY 1 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    Today we want you to think about the buildings where you spend the majority of your time – work, school, church, your recreational activities. Tell us two ways that you can evacuate the building and how you would find the exit if it was dark, smoky, and you couldn’t see the exit sign.

Level Up: 5 pts Name two other places where it would be good to know the location of the emergency exits, and how you could find your way out in a chaotic situation.  


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