Task 27: Risky Business

Risk is defined as the “possibility of loss or injury” and Hazard is defined as “something causing unavoidable danger, peril, risk or difficulty.” 
While we can often talk about large “disaster scenarios,” it is much easier to plan when you are realistic and know what you are facing as potential causes for an emergency situation. 

DAY 27 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    Today, we want to know about the hazards that concern you most. What are the top 3 life-altering hazards that you could most likely face where you live? And more importantly, why do these hazard scenarios concern you specifically? It is one thing to say that a 7.0 magnitude earthquake will crumble a few streets on your way to work and a very different other thing to realize that the ground beneath your home may liquefy if you sit in a soil liquefaction zone.

You will receive one point for each hazard scenario that you identify and describe why you feel you are at risk to be affected from this hazard.

Level Up: 5 pts While September and National Preparedness Month is just about over, October will bring us the Great Shake Out! On the Pacific Coast, the Shake Out will be held on October 17th at 10:17am.. In other parts of the country, it may be held on another date in October. For your level up, we want you to sign up to particpate in a Shake Out for your area! Organize your work or school to join in! Take a pic or video with you demonstrating “Drop, Cover and Hold On” and telling us you are signed up!

Find Allies:  Recruit friends and family members to play 30 Days, 30 Ways…. Build Your Network!!  Each day a person you recruit completes a 30 Days 30 Ways task, your points double for that days task. The more individuals you convince to play, the more points you can earn for each days challenge.

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