Task 30: Wrap Up… Volunteer

Well, this is it for another year of 30 Days, 30 Ways! Thanks for being apart of the 10th anniversary of this challenge. As a final flashback to our challenge over the years, I just knew I had to share a challenge that was part of our 2013 challenge. That year we asked one day, for you to share with us the most unusual item in your emergency kit, and share with us that items uses. When one of the responses came in, I must admit, I first turned a little red, and was thinking, oh no, we are gonna have to remove this response. But as I continued to read their post, I realized this item was legit, and they were serious with the uses for it in their kit. They listed at least 10 uses this item had. That response, went viral in our challenge! We got a lot of responses, and news coverage for the challenge. But the part that sticks out in my memory the most, was a response from one particular woman. She admitted to being a little older, and she shared that after reading that one response to our challenge, she went out and bought a box of this particular item for her kit. She admitted, she had never purchased this item before in her life. That’s when I knew this challenge was making a difference and why I put the effort into bringing you this preparedness challenge each and every year! You may be wondering what that item was… well that surprising item back in 2013 that we are still talking about was a box of condoms.

DAY 30 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For your final challenge for 2019, we want you to share with us the most unusual item in your preparedness kit… and share what uses your item has. We hope we once again can have one of those great conversations and help each other out with a great resource.

Level Up: 5 pts For your final level up, we want you to help us in changing the culture about preparedness. We would love if folks thought about preparedness every day, and not just during National Preparedness Month! We would love for it to become a way of life in how you approach things on a daily basis. For your level up, we want you to volunteer. Volunteer toshare about preparedness with your neighbors or friends. Become a public safety volunteer where you live. Find a way to make a difference regarding Personal Preparedness in your area and share with us your plans!

Find Allies:  Recruit friends and family members to play 30 Days, 30 Ways…. Build Your Network!!  Each day a person you recruit completes a 30 Days 30 Ways task, your points double for that days task. The more individuals you convince to play, the more points you can earn for each days challenge.

Finally, we want to thank you for playing along with us! It does not matter if this was the first year you have joined us, or if you have been playing along for many years… We here, at CRESA and 30 Days, 30 Ways Thank you for joining us each and every day. We hope we’ve made a difference, and have helped you be better preapared for a disaster or emergency no matter where you may live! Until Next year… Thanks!

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