Task 4: How Long Can You Eat

Hey Everyone, Its Eric from the 30 Days Gang, here with your Day 4 challenge…

Over the years as we talk about preparedness, we have always urged folks about having some sort of stockpile of food. From 3 Days, to 2 weeks, there has always been a goal of having food on hand. As someone who teaches preparedness, my goal has been to make this not sound as some daunting task. For instance… I encourage folks to eat thru their pantry and rotate items rather than buying a fancy bucket with freeze dried food with a ten year life span. We also teach, in an emergency when power is lost, to eat what is in your refrigerator first… then your freezer, before getting into your dried goods.

Today we want to challenge you to think about the food you have on hand, and how long it will last you…

DAY 4 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For your day 4 challenge we want you to… take a look in your freezers.. and give us an estimate of how many days you can eat with what you have on hand.. Make sure you share pics or videos what you may have in your freezers and refrigerators..

Level Up: 5 pts For today’s level up, we want you to see how well you can do.. We want to challenge you to only cook and eat with what you have on hand for the next three days. Check back on Monday and let us know how you did.. Extra points if you share any recipes you develop with just the ingredients you have on hand.


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