Task 5: Make the Right Call

Hey Everyone, Eric Again with your Day 5 Challenge.

I would like to introduce you all to Emery the Penguin… Emery is our 9-1-1 mascot here at Clark Regional Emergency Services Agency to help us teach about the importance of calling 9-1-1 in our community. Since I came to work at CRESA 9-1-1 several years back, I’ve had the opportunity to work side by side with many 9-1-1 Dispatchers. Talk about cool under pressure… as they deal with people on their worst days.

Many times over the years I have been asked about why dispatchers ask the questions they did “when I just told them this.” The answer is that’s how they are trained.. there are protocols they must follow, and those questions are there for a purpose.. to help slow down the caller enough that the dispatcher can get the information they need to get the right help on the way to them as quickly as possible.

As I teach about calling 9-1-1, I’ve heard the rumors and myths about if you use certain “code phrases” the dispatcher will “know what that means” and be able to send help. I’ve also witnessed a lot of calls that truly should never have been a 9-1-1 call. Too many times when people do not know who to call, 9-1-1 becomes the default. I also recently learned that in some other cultures, its customary to call the equivalent of 9-1-1 to verify emergency information they have heard.

DAY 5 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For your Day 5 Challenge… It’s really easy… Tell us what you would call 9-1-1 for… Make sure you have something posted easily in your home with this number as well as your address and if you have small children, your names. Make sure everyone in the household is aware of the information.

Level Up: 5 pts For your Level up.. We want you to think about those calls that, well may require assistance but are not an emergency situation requiring calling 9-1-1. For today’s level up, we want you to locate those non-emergency numbers in your community, and make sure they are available as well. Share with us a quick pic of your list for your community.  

Find Allies:  Recruit friends and family members to play 30 Days, 30 Ways…. Build Your Network!!  Each day a person you recruit completes a 30 Days 30 Ways task, your points double for that days task. The more individuals you convince to play, the more points you can earn for each days challenge.

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