Daily Tasks

Challenge Yourself to One Simple Task

Daily Task Links will be posted here as the game evolves so you can check into the other task-related questions

Our 2019 Daily Challenges

Task 1:  Lets Get Started 

Task 2:  A Day Off 

Task 3:  Safe Travels 

Task 4:  Whats Stopping You?

Task 5: Go to the Source

Task 6: Viral Virus 

Task 7:  Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket?

Task 8: Duck and Cover

Task 9:  Where Shall We Meet?

Task 10: DONE 

Task 11: Thank You – a 9/11 Tribute 

Task 12:  Copy That 

Task 13:  Shelter “In Place”

Task 14:  Let Me Entertain You

Task 15:  On The Go 

Task 16:  Hydrate X3

Task 17:  Cook Off

Task 18:  What Do You Know?

Task 19:  Don’t Flush It 

Task 20:  Unplugged

Task 21:  HELLO

Task 22:  Kiddo’s

Task 23  Know When To Walk Away

Task 24:  The Power of Kindness 

Task 25:  Pets on the Go

Task 26:  Whats Your Plan?

Task 27:  Risky Business

Task 28:  What are YOU Missing?

Task 29:  Where Are You Going To Go?

Task 30: