Daily Tasks

Challenge Yourself to One Simple Task

Daily Task Links will be posted here as the game evolves so you can check into the other task-related questions

Our 2020 Daily Challenges

Task 1:  Trusted Networks

Task 2:   Social Connections

Task 3:   30 Minute Workouts

Task 4:   How Long Can You Eat?

Task 5:   Make The Right Call

Task 6:   Your Own Hazard 

Task 7:    Encouraging and Coping 

Task 8:    Your Increasing Online Life 

Task 9:     Do You Know Your?

Task 10:    I Smell Smoke 

Task 11:    A Tribute and a Safety Tool 

Task 12:    I’ll Give You…. 

Task 13:    What Might Have Changed?

Task 14:    New Skills 

Task 15:    Med Check

Task 16:    Paper Challenge

Task 17:    Before it was Cool

Task 18:    Home Camp’in

Task 19:    The End of You, Boredom! 

Task 20:    It’s a Home Challenge Show and Tell 

Task 21:    Just Be Kind 

Task 22:     All About the Little’s

Task 23:   Those Other Family Members

Task 24:    Are You Ready For Tomorrow?

Task 25:    Your Kit…

Task 26:     6 Months to a Year 

Task 27:     I’m Here to  Help… From a Distance

Task 28:      Your Community Needs You!

Task 29:

Task 30: