Winners List

trophyEvery day at 4:00 p.m., a new set of winners will be posted!

Winners should email us at [email protected] to claim your prize.

Day 1: Define A Hero

      Day 2:  Pop Culture

Day 3:  Find Your Local Emergency Manager

Day 4:  Most Unusual Item in Your Kit

Day 5: Signs Around You

Day 6:  Drill It!

Day 7:  Find Your Community

Day 8: Mr. Yuck

Day 9:  Wash Your Dirty Hands

Day 10:  Preparedness on the Go

Day 11: Batteries Not Included

Day 12:  Save A Life

Day 13:  Emergency Water Rotation

Day 14:  Home Security

Day 15:  Keep Calm and….

Day 16: Emergency Kit Cook Off

Everyone who submitted an entry this day won!! Check out our Partners Emergency Kit Cook-Off for Recipes.

Day 17: Long Distance Friends

Day 18: Extra Extra Extra

Day 19: Dear Friends Pirate Style

Day 20: TSA Friendly

Day 21:  Bring Out Your Pills

Day 22:  What are Your Vitals

Day 23: Going to the Dogs

Day 24: Alert Alert Alert

Day 25: Danger’s Around You

Day 26:  Find Your First Aid

Day 27:  Feel the Heat

Day 28: Favorite Food

Day 29:  What Goes In…

Day 30:  This is It!!




Winners and finalists will be posted to our 30 Days 30 Ways Pinterest 2013 Winners Board.

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