Task 11: A Tribute

images (26)It still is hard to believe it’s been fifteen years since the attacks on the World Trade Centers in New York and the Pentagon.  To this day, I can still remember where I was when I first heard the news, and the images that were played over and over.  I also remember how after the attacks, we all seemed to be one.  Individuals helping one another, pulling together to help each other, and the support for first responders after that horrific scene.

Last fall I had the opportunity to see ground zero in person and tour the 9/11 museum and memorial.   As I roamed around the grounds, and looked at some of the pieces left from the original towers, I found myself getting a little choked up… As a former firefighter, I will admit, the wreckage of one of the ladder trucks brought tears to my eyes.   As I walked into one of the areas that paid tribute to those that lost their lives, and as I touched their names around the reflection pools, so many emotions felt 15 years earlier came flooding back.

Today, fifteen years later, the images we see on television and in social media seem to be much different.  The jobs first responders do are not always the most glamorous, and sometimes not even the most popular but most do their part to protect the rest of us without question and the risk to their own lives.



2 Pts –  Thank a First-Responder.  We will leave this up to you…. This could be in person, card, picture, video, or even baked goods.  Pay it forward in thanking those who risk their lives for us daily.

Bonus: Hopefully by now, you are catching on to how this years bonus works.  Take it to the next step as you thank First-Responders.  We cannot wait to see your tributes!!

LETS START A CONVERSATION!  Add the following “Twibbon” to your Facebook, or Twitter Profile Picture!!  Thanks to our friends at Sacramento County Office  Emergency Services, with a couple clicks you can show your support for National Preparedness Month!!  Click the picture to add the Twibbon to your accounts!!


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