Become A Community Partner!

We love our Community Partners! 

Community Partnership have helped us spread the word about the 30 Days, 30 Ways Preparedness Challenge over the past 11 years to what it is today.

You can help us in 2021 achieve our goal of getting people involved in this easy game in a number of creative ways.

For example:

  • Tell Your Friends & Families: This is Important. Why? Because people are far more likely to play if they have been encouraged by someone they trust to be prepared.  They likely also haven’t thought about emergency preparedness being “fun” or “creative”
  • Play the game yourself and spark conversation with others:  The tasks are simple and may even require you to share or ask someone else something to complete that day’s challenge.
  • Challenge a group that you participate in to play.  Your Workplace? Your Facebook friends? Your Kids? Your Parents? Anyone can play and everyone needs to in order to make our communities more ready to face its worst days.
  • Challenge your work, school, or elected officials:   Challenge your place of work, school, your faith based organization or even your city to take the challenge!   As we all return to our communities, we would like to bring the focus of this year’s challenge back to where we started… Back to local level… Let’s Make Preparedness a Community Challenge this Year!!

This game is easy to play and doesn’t require a lot of time.

The game kicks off on September 1st.

Each day will provide a different task and will have an independent winner during the month of September.

In order to “Be a Community Partner,” you only have to….

  • Tell us you support the game!
  • Commit to telling one other person about the game during the month of September.
  • If you represent an agency, send your logo to us at and your agency website address and we will show your support on our Community Partner’s page by hyperlinking your web address to your logo so people can easily reach your program.

Of course, if you have any social media sites, we’d love to see you share our daily tasks with your networks.

We also have a small flyer about the game that you can print and hand out to your communities.  Check it out at:  30Days30Ways Flyer.

This game has grown to have players in over 44 states and 38 countries, but it starts at the local level.  Help us encourage more people, more businesses, and more communities to take the Challenge.  We hope you will get as excited as we are to share this years Challenge!!