2017 February Monthly Challenge

2017 February Monthly Challenge

As we announced in December, this year we are launching monthly challenges for a deeper dive into preparedness.  We will be picking a topic and in turn hoping you help create a real dialogue around that subject for the month.

February’s Topic:  Non-Perishable Food

In January, we took a look at one of the most important items for survival we will all need.  Its also one of those items that can for most of us in the United States be easily acquired for our kits.  This month, we are gonna take a good hard look at something that may be a little harder for some to secure and keep on hand.  We are very much aware of economical barriers for some regarding having extra food on hand for emergencies.  This month we want to look at the many different options in how one can store food, and what someone should have.

How do you do Emergency Food Rations?

When looking at emergency food rations, one of the first things to look at is how one goes about it.  Are you canning, preserving, or stocking up on items and rotating from your pantry?  Do you buy pales of  food rations shelf stable for many years?  Do you buy freeze dried food to have on hand?  If so did you account for water requirements last month?

Examine Storage Options:

Once you have determined the best option for you and your family, where do you store those items?  Will they be readily available if a disaster happens?  Will they potentially be damaged?  Did you consider temp change when choosing your location? How do you make sure items are not expired?  How often do you check?  How often do you rotate?  What do you do with the items as they get close to expiration dates?

Sharing With Others:

Several studies have shown that a very small cross-section of this country are actually prepared for emergencies.  Today we start changing that!!  We want you to think about what motivated you to start becoming better prepared for emergencies.  Why did you make a conscious effort to prepare your family?  What motivated you?  What keeps you motivated?  Have you shared that motivation with others?

Helping Others:

Has how  we have been going about “telling” folks what they need to be better prepared for emergencies working?  What if they personally are struggling with basic needs of shelter and or putting food on the table to feed their family?  How does our message make a difference in their lives?  What can we do to change this?  Your challenge is to think about what you can do to help make a change, and put it into action!


We cannot wait to hear each and everyone’s ideas and approaches.  Throughout the month, we will be checking in to see how each of you are doing and what ideas and solutions you may have come up with to move the conversation along!

PROOF OF COMPLETION:  There are 3 ways you can complete this task:

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We suggest all comments and response be made on the 30Days30ways Facebook page to help stir a conversation, however you can also email us at info@30days30ways.com