2017 Will Bring Changes and Preparedness Challenges

Happy Holidays Everyone!  We hope since we chatted last time, you have kept up your preparedness habits and with the holidays just around the corner, you have found someway to add preparedness and helping others into your busy activities.

The last time we chatted, we mentioned a new twist coming in 2017… With the new year just around the corner, its time to let you in on the secret!!   Beginning in January, we will launch one preparedness challenge each month throughout the year!!

What to Expect:

This challenge will focus on the bigger issues or items that we feel should be a critical part of anyone’s preparedness preparations.  This new monthly challenge will hopefully help us dive deeper into many of the items on your preparedness list.

We are also hoping this new monthly challenge will create a conversation regarding how to achieve many of these items no matter of socioeconomic factors.  We will be talking not only about your preparation, but how you can help influence those around you, which just may be the key to changing the attitude nationally regarding the importance about being prepared.

For those that look forward to our annual game, no worries.  September will still bring our annual preparedness challenge just as in previous years, with challenges each day of the month.

When It Starts:

On the 1st of each month beginning in January, we will post our topic and challenge for the month.

We are excited to expand our challenge in 2017 and look forward to you joining in starting January 1st!!