Game Rules

Game Rules

September is National Preparedness Month and what better way to celebrate than to challenge ourselves to consider one basic task per day to enhance our personal readiness for emergencies.

Here are the rules….

Who Can Play?

  • Anyone
  • Everyone
  • You choose how much you play.

Daily Challenges:

  • A daily challenge will be posted to this website every day during the month of September. The challenge will be posted by 7:00 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.
  • The challenge will be cross-posted on our Facebook Fan Page and on Twitter from our account at @30Days_30Ways
  • You can complete any task from throughout the month any time as long as they are submitted by midnight on September 30th. For example, if you were out of town over the weekend, you could Monday go back and catch up on those you missed.
  • Each day will describe what we are looking for in each task.
  • You may enter as often as you like.
  • Video entries shall be no longer than three minutes, 30 seconds to one minute ideally.

Level Up:

This year we are providing on many of the daily tasks a way for our seasoned players or anyone that wants an extra challenge a way to “Level Up” and take the daily challenge to the next level.  These extra challenges are still associated with the daily task of the day, but usually require a bit more time to answer.

The same rules for Level Up apply as the daily challenges. All answers should be submitted just as daily challenges, and need to be submitted by midnight on September 30th!

Find Allies: 

This year we want to encourage and reward you even more for encouraging others to take the challenge with you!  In fact, the more people you get to complete each challenge the more points you will be rewarded!!  That’s right… the more folks you get to complete each daily challenge the more points you can earn… double, triple, quadruple points for each day!!

Legal Disclaimer Language

  • Compliance with all relevant laws is YOUR responsibility!
  • Players should submit content that is their own creation. CRESA does not promote or in any way condone the use of copyrighted materials. Players who submit copyrighted material without appropriate attributions may have their submission disqualified.
  • Content submissions to 30 Days, 30 Ways grants CRESA permission to use developed images in future preparedness campaigns.
  • CRESA will collect winner contact information for the sole purpose of providing prizes to participants. Information about players will not be used for any future campaigns.

What Will I Win?

Prizes are based on the funds donated for this game!!  The amount of Winners is completely based on the donations we receive!!  Because we end up with players world wide we started awarding Amazon Gift Cards for our prizes three years ago!!

Any questions may be emailed to the Game Administrators at

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