Task 20: Viral Virus Challenge

images (34)Today we once again partner with our friends across the pond. With school back in session, and fall is just around the corner, we soon will start hearing about nasty viral virus’ popping up.  We all have been taught from an early age, that good hand washing can stop the spread of these little bug, Yet each year, so many nasty illnesses start with poor hand hygiene. Salmonella, campylobacter, MRSA, flu, diarrhea and sickness, the common cold, impetigo, – these are just some of the viruses and infections passed between people who do not wash their hands.  Some germs can stay alive on our hands for up to three hours and in that time they can be spread to all the things we touch – including food and other people.  The best way of preventing infection passing from one person to another is by washing our hands regularly throughout the day.


2 Pts –  Your challenge for today is to share with us the importance of proper hygiene and how it can impact during a disaster. Be sure to use the #30Days30Ways hashtag in your response as we want to track the “viral” activity between us and our UK partners!

Bonus:   Create a small video showing your other sanitation items in your emergency kit. Share why you have what items and why they are important. A large portion of this game is to use Social Media- try to be innovative and make your post creative and have the potential to create a social “buzz” or “viral” effect

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PROOF OF COMPLETION:  There are 4 ways you can complete this task:

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You Have until MIDNIGHT on September 30th to complete this task. Contest rules and more information on the #30Days30WaysChallenge  can be found here:

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