2017 April Monthly Challenge

As we announced in December, this year we are launching monthly challenges for a deeper dive into preparedness.  We will be picking a topic and in turn hoping you help create a real dialogue around that subject for the month.

April’s Topic:

So far this month, we have looked at water, food, and where you get your information. This month we want to talk about preparedness beyond your home. We want to dive into preparing your neighborhoods AS a neighborhood.

Knowing Your Neighborhood:

After the 2011 Japan earthquake, studies found that communities that were more connected actually bounced back quicker and better than those communities that were not nearly as connected to each other.  Growing up, I remember knowing all of the neighbors around me. Each house in the neighborhood, had phone numbers for everyone else in an old fashioned phone tree.  Neighbors looked out for one another, and even let neighbors know when they would be out of town to help keep an eye on their place while they were gone.   As a child, I may not have been a big fan of this system, because these same neighbors made sure my parents knew if I did something I shouldn’t.  Today, even with modern technology, I still try to stay connected with neighbors.  Through Facebook, Next Door, and good old fashioned phone numbers I try to stay connected with neighbors and in turn we look out for each other when needed.


For years we have been talking about preparing for emergencies encouraging individuals to make a kit and a plan.  Part of that plan has been encouraging individuals to consider using Map Your Neighborhood to better know what resources you may have right around you.   We truly believe Neighborhoods that Prepare Together will be better off when that disaster may strike

Examine Your Answers:

This month we want you to look at how well you are connected to your neighborhood and those that live around you.

  • Have you introduced yourself to at least three neighbors, and have you created a phone tree or another way to communicate with them if needed?
  • Have you talked to your neighbors about emergency preparedness?
  • Have you discussed potentially what each may offer and what they may need?
  • Have you Mapped Your Neighborhood or used a similar model to get to know who lives around you?
  • If not, what fears do you have about starting that conversation?

Sharing With Others:

Several studies have shown that a very small cross-section of this country are actually prepared for emergencies.  Today we start changing that!!  We want you to think about what motivated you to start becoming better prepared for emergencies.  Why did you make a conscious effort to prepare your family?  What motivated you?  What keeps you motivated?  Have you shared that motivation with others?

Helping Others:

Has how  we have been going about “telling” folks what they need to be better prepared for emergencies working?  What if they personally are struggling with basic needs of shelter and or putting food on the table to feed their family?  How does our message make a difference in their lives?  What can we do to change this?  Your challenge is to think about what you can do to help make a change, and put it into action!

We cannot wait to hear each and everyone’s ideas and approaches.  Throughout the month, we will be checking in to see how each of you are doing and what ideas and solutions you may have come up with to move the conversation along!

PROOF OF COMPLETION:  There are 3 ways you can complete this task:

  1. Put your answer on our Facebook Fan Page or
  2. Provide the answer on Twitter (Please include @30Days_30ways or hashtag #30Days30Ways in any tweets
  3. Email us at info@30Days30ways.com

We suggest all comments and response be made on the 30Days30ways Facebook page to help stir a conversation, however you can also email us at info@30days30ways.com