2017 June Monthly Challenge

I can’t believe its already JUNE!!  … I apologize in being a little late in getting your monthly topic posted.    Memorial Day weekend kicks off a busy preparedness time for those of us at 30 Days, 30 Ways.  In our day to day roles it means working a lot more weekends and evenings as we try to share a message about the importance of being prepared.  It also means we are in high gear of putting together this years 30 Days challenge for the month of September.  With that being said, we want to take this month and ask you about subjects you wish we would spend more time discussing during our month long challenge in September.  Please share topics and how it could be a daily challenge.  If we use your challenge this year, you will be rewarded with an Amazon Gift Card also!

Junes’s Topic: Preparedness Cornucopia

As I mentioned above, we are in the process of putting together this years Sept 30 Days month long challenge.  We know there are topics you would love to discuss more, or that we just have not gotten around to.  For this month we want you to give us the topics and the challenges to add to this years game.

Remember, daily challenges usually should not take more than 5-10 minutes to complete. Be sure to consider all levels of preparedness activity as you create your challenge…. and GO!!


PROOF OF COMPLETION:  There are 3 ways you can complete this task:

  1. Put your answer on our Facebook Fan Page or
  2. Provide the answer on Twitter (Please include @30Days_30ways or hashtag #30Days30Ways in any tweets
  3. Email us at info@30Days30ways.com

We suggest all comments and response be made on the 30Days30ways Facebook page to help stir a conversation, however you can also email us at info@30days30ways.com