Day 3: Loosen a Lug Nut

Wow… Today marks Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end of summer. Before you leave this weekend we want to talk about making sure your vehicle is prepared for that potentially long weekend road trip.

Even if you do not plan on traveling by car this weekend, this task is something that all car owners should know how to do.

DAY 3 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For todays challenge, we want you to share a picture or video of you reviewing how to change a tire on your vehicle. Many vehicles these days have unconventional hiding spots to drop the spare tire if it’s underneath the vehicle, and the jacks can be difficult to understand. Spend a few minutes reviewing these and share with us the process of changing a tire.

For those that may not own a car, and use alternative methods of transportation, we want to hear what you keep with you in a “Go Preparedness Kit.” What items do you keep in your bag or on your person that would be helpful in an emergency if you found yourself not at home.

Level Up: 5 pts For today’s level up, we want you to create a short video about preparing your vehicle before you hit the road. Share what maintenance steps and things you may check before you leave.

Again, for those that do not use a car, share with us what “maintenance steps” you take before you travel. What items might you pack to make sure you have, or what steps might you take, if something were to happen while on vacation. Remember to keep it generic.. We do not need detailed information, but general ideas that may also help others!


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