Day 8: Someday Supplies.. Strategic Shopping

Hey Everyone, Eric here from the 30 Days with your Day 8 Challenge….

Most of us can still remember the images from 18 months ago when the COVID-19 stay home orders began, and the rush on certain items, that honestly made no sense. That item… Toilet Paper. We all know now as we did then, that this really made little sense since none of the symptoms of COVID would suggest this would be something that would be needed.

In the year since, we have had wildfires, winter severe storms, and record breaking heat events as well. Each time, we saw similar rushes that we have seen over and over in the past after other emergencies and disasters. Rushes for water, or toilet paper all highlight how easily our supply chains can be interrupted. Additionally now we are seeing the costs associated with many items going up!

This is also why we talk about keeping items on hand and buying one or two more of items you want to have as part of your preparedness kit a little here and a little there. Think about keeping on hand those “Someday Supplies” as phrased by a friend. That “someday” when there just might not be enough paycheck left at the end of the month. That “someday” when the kiddo’s need a new this or that, when you just finished shopping. That “someday” when the bad thing happens.

DAY 8 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For your Day 8 Challenge, we want you to make a list of some staple items you think you would like to have on hand for emergencies and disasters. Share with us a picture of your list, with the goal of how much of each you would ideally like to keep on hand.

Level Up: 5 pts For today’s level up, we want you to take that list, and pull out the items you have on it. Share a picture or video of how much you have as well as sharing a plan of how you make sure you keep them stocked. When do you decide its time to buy or order more? How do you rotate to make sure they don’t expire? Finally share with us how long you think each item could last you in a disaster or emergency.


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