Day 12: Weather Wise

In the PNW, over the past year we have lived some crazy extreme weather. The same can be said for other regions of the U.S. and around the world. From extreme heat in the PNW, to severe winter storms in Texas, and even snow in Rio, Brazil, it’s evident that our climate is changing. These types of weather patterns, that were once referred to as 100 year storms, are becoming part of a new normal that makes it important for us not only to understand and prepare for these conditions, but also understand the terminology used to understand the potential severity.

It’s a Watch!  No it’s a Warning!!  Wait it’s an Advisory…  Oofta…. When it comes to the weather and the difference in meanings between what these terms mean, it can be confusing.  Even among public safety officials I have witnessed first hand confusion in the difference between these terms.

How and why do they elevate?  Why should we understand the difference?  Does more and more warning levels confuse individuals when actions should be taken?  All some good questions that I hope today’s challenge will help us answer! For today’s challenge, we want to know about your weather knowledge and who you rely on for your forecasts, if in fact you pay attention to the weather around you.

DAY 12 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    Now that we have talked weather, it’s a good time to review what clothing items you have in your kits. As seasons change, it might be time to exchange flip flops and board shorts with a rain jacket or a scarf. Take a picture or video of your “updated Kit”  Share with us what items you found out of date “Weather” by expatriation date or size and style..

Level Up: 5 pts Explain the difference between a Watch, Warning and Advisory IN YOUR OWN WORDS! No copying directly from a National Weather Service website explaining those.. Create a picture, drawing or video explaining these.  We also want to know if you can tell the difference between types of clouds, the difference between a funnel cloud and a tornado, and any other weather phenomenon’s you can think of.  Be creative. 

Find Allies:  Recruit friends and family members to play 30 Days, 30 Ways…. Challenge your family, your place of work or school, your place of worship, your neighborhood and your community to take the 30 Days challenge! Build Your Network!!  Each day a person you recruit completes a 30 Days 30 Ways task, your points double for that days task. The more individuals you convince to play, the more points you can earn for each days challenge.

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