Day 17: Preserve Life

It was great as a kiddo to have a parent take care of a “boo boo” when I would get hurt. I still remember the “Bactine” and “Mercurochrome” (I might be dating myself there) being brought out to treat any scrapes or cuts I may have gotten prior to the band aid and yes a kiss.

As we get older, mom may not be there to help heal our “boo boo’s” and during a disaster or emergency it will be even more important to have a good first aid kit.

It doesn’t take a major emergency to understand having Basic First Aid training and being able to perform at least Hands Only CPR should be part of everyone’s plan.  Most of us have been somewhere during our lifetime where someone has gotten injured or choking and need assistance.  In times of disasters, these life skills can be even more valuable, as first responders most likely will be overwhelmed, and or may not be able to get to you.  Today we want to talk about you being First Aid and CPR Ready.

DAY 17 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For Today’s task we want you to do a First Aid Kit check.  Do you have a First Aid Kit as part of your Emergency Supplies?  If not your task today is to acquire a First Aid Kit for your supplies.  If you have a First Aid Kit in your supplies, we want you to take a look at it.  How old are the supplies in it?  Are there any items missing or need replacing?  If so your task today is replace those items missing or are out of date.

Level Up: 5 pts For our more experienced players, here is your teaching moment. For today’s level up, we want you to show us your skills.  Share a short video (2 minutes or less) of you reviewing items in your First Aid Kit, and their uses OR performing Hands Only CPR, Stop the Bleed, or another medical first aid related training you have… Remember to not only be informative but be creative!!


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