Day 29: Be 2 Weeks Ready

Hey Everyone, Eric here with your second to last day challenge…. Depending on what part of the country you live in, you may get a different number if you ask how many days of preparedness items you should have on hand. FEMA talks about a 72 hr kit or 3 days… When I started in this profession we started talking 7-10 days worth of supplies… and where I live in the Pacific Northwest, because we live in an area known for earthquakes, we talks about being 2 weeks ready.

Honestly when I tell someone they should have supplies on hand for two weeks, who may be just getting started it is often overwhelming, so I always tell them.. just start somewhere and start building to your kits as you can. Preparedness is a journey… not a destination!

Today’s challenge is one that is often overlooked in regards to personal preparedness.  Yet it is a very important topic that if not thought about can lead to even a bigger disaster.  We easily think about food and water, but happens to the other side of that equation?  Recently the Portland/Vancouver Metro region came together on a campaign called to address this topic that even for adults, can be an awkward conversation that usually is handled with many puns.  Today we talk about Pee and Poo and Disaster Sanitation.

DAY 29 Challenge:1-3, or 5 pts    For your Day 29 challenge, we want you to show us what you have in your kit for disaster sanitation.  Not only do we want you to show us what plans you have for pee and poo, we want to know what other sanitation items you keep in your kit and why.

Level Up: 5 pts For today’s level up, we want you to help find solutions to the disaster sanitation issue.  Share with us some tidbit or creative idea you have discovered or come up with to help organize, aid in or help deal with diasaster sanitation.


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